All Will Know

Then all the peoples of the earth will know Your name.
-- 2 Chronicles 6:33

  • Pray - Ask God to speak to you.
  • Discern - What is God calling you to sacrificially give?
  • Obey - As you hear from God, be obedient to His call.
  • Attend - Sermon Series beginning April 12th 2015.

Church-Wide Spiritual Preparation Process

Be sure to attend on Sundays and be in a small Group: April 12th - May 10th, 2015

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Worship Center

Updated Seating
Large permanent stage
Modernized sound and lighting equipment
Backstage storage

A Large Multi-Use Foyer

Comfortable greeting areas
High ceilings and open feel
Ministry showcase areas

Children's Ministry

Four nursery classrooms
Dedicated classrooms for each age or grade-level
Worship gathering spaces
Backstage storage
Secure check-in with secure hallways

Student Ministry Space

Dedicated worship and gather spaces for 5th-12th
Permanent stage with updated sound and lighting
Increased space and functional furnishings
Backstage storage

Staff Offices

On-site offices for pastoral and administrative staff

Parking Lot

Spaces for approximately 240 cars
Dedicated visitor parking
Accessible up-close parking

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Build Now?

We build primarily to increase our effectiveness at reaching every Man, Woman and Child in our community with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. Our longevity in the community is deeply impacted by a permanent facility. Our permanence allows the vision to reach people to be carried on for the longterm – think the next 100 years or more! We also believe that this is the right time because construction costs will continue to rise. Our contacts within the building community tell us that to wait will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. The same building climbs in construction cost every month that we aren’t building.

How much do we need to raise?

Our financial goals are based on the need to build a $7.5million facility. In reality, we believe that we will end our campaign with the need to take a mortgage for a portion of the construction. The elders of Cityview have decided that our goal will be to raise at least $3 million during this campaign. This would mean borrowing a sum of money of $4.5 million or less. Our campaign will move forward with the effort to bring in at least $3 million over 3 years. Every dollar received in addition to the $3 million will be used to either increase the square footage of the facility or to decrease the size of the mortgage necessary.

Why not build bigger?

Fiscal responsibility plays a huge role in the decision of the scope of our project. Much prayer and careful consideration have gone into the size of this facility. While a larger facility may be something that we desire, the reality is that we cannot over-extend our facilities costs as that would impact our typical ministry programming, our staff, our church planting efforts, and our global outreach efforts. We believe that the current financial plan is ambitious without being presumptuous as to what God will accomplish through us.

What happens after we build this facility?

The short-term answer is that we move in and enjoy the facility! The long-term answer is that when we finish the All Will Know campaign, we will assess the needs of our congregation and prayerfully consider what God is asking us to do. We do have a plan for the future, and with help from our architect, contractors and our building committee we’ve compiled some best guesses as to what might be next. That said, we realize that many things change over the course of three years. More families will be added, and our needs may change a bit. We plan to move forward prayerfully and obediently as God guides, just as we have in years past.

All Will Know to include...

Worship Center with seating for up to 530

A Large Multi-Use Foyer

Children's Ministry Areas

Student Ministry space with seating for 125

Staff Offices

Parking Lot

Estimated Cost: $7,500,000